Rock Creek Mobilehome Community FAQ

Rock Creek Mobilehome Community | Auburn, CA

Q.  I’ve always owned my home and the land under it. Why would I want to buy a home in Rock Creek and lease the homesite?

A.  The primary reason is economic. It removes the cost of the land from the purchase of the home making home ownership much more affordable. With a long term lease for the home site, any future increases in the lease payment for the homesite are controlled by the lease giving you stability and predictability for the future.

Q.  What are typical lease payments right now?

A.  Lease payments for home sites range from $620 to $700 per month. 

Q.  What about utilities?

A.  Gas, water, electric are metered and charged at the same rate as the local utility provider. Trash and Sewer are charged separately at the rate set by the serving entity. Cable and broadband internet is available.

Q.  So this lease payment…does it go up?

A.  Yes, there is provision for an annual increase that is controlled by the terms of the lease. When you stop by the office, the manager will provide you with a copy of the lease for you to review.

Q.  What if I want to move? Does the lease for the home site lock me in?

A.  No. You can terminate your lease by simply selling your home.

Q.  Will it be hard to sell my home?

A.  No. The market for homes in Rock Creek is much like any other neighborhood in the area. The same forces of supply and demand apply.

Q.  I’ve heard that there are lots of community rules. What’ that all about?

A.  We do have community Rules and Regulations that every resident agrees to abide by. They have been carefully crafted with the objective of setting forth standards of good maintenance for homes and home sites that will preserve the quality of the community. There are also standards for behavior that seek to ensure that no one’s behavior is disruptive to the community. When you meet with the manager, a copy of the Rules and Regulations will be provided to you and any other questions answered.

If there are any questions that we might not have answered above for you, please contact us with any other questions you might have and we would be happy to answer them for you.  Thanks!